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This is a guest post by Joe from powwownow

Working from home is something that appeals to everyone. No more annoying commutes to and from work. No more sitting in a sterile office environment. No more tea round politics. It’s amazing what difference something as simple as conference calling can make to somebody’s productivity and general job satisfaction.

Here we look at the various ways that you could quite easily make the transition from working in the office to working from the comfort of your own home and all with the added bonus that the cost can be kept to a minimum thanks to factors like free conference calls.

Being able to keep in touch with other staff, management, existing clients and potential future customers at all times of day and night is essential to ensuring ‘normal’ work life can continue as usual on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Going out to meet face-to-face with the people you deal with regularly is good in theory, but can be both expensive and time consuming if it means a lot of travelling about by air, rail or road. Instead, you can communicate just as effectively by hosting a conference call, video conference or web conference, all of which involve very little in the way of expenditure.

All you need, in fact, is a phone, a computer and a reliable internet connection and you can be thrashing out the details of that all-important contract within minutes. Traditional conference calling is cheap and easy to use, allows you to record what’s being said and can involve multiple people who join in from all over the world.

A video conference call has the advantages of a face-to-face meeting only without needing to spend hours away from your desk getting to and from a scheduled appointment. Interact visually and possibly even use it as part of an external or internal training programme. A webinar, meanwhile, brings together a group of people online and allows the participants to share files, discuss and develop ideas on a virtual whiteboard as well as talk to each other in real time.

That’s pretty much the communication side all sorted for next to nothing and you’ll be surprised at the amount of other free or cheap software readily available. Like OpenOffice, which is a great substitute for MS Office and allows users to get creative with content, graphics, spreadsheets and presentation documents.

Next up is Citrusware Invoicer and ProposalWriter. These are two separate pieces of software and are pretty self-explanatory really in what functions they help to perform, with one you can keep on top of your invoices and the other allows you to pull together eye-catching business proposals. And, last but by no means least; get a crash course in finance with the Dynacom Accounting.

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