Wealth Creation Online: Inteview with Kylie Ofiu

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I’m really pleased to host this weeks guest on Money Cactus because she is an Aussie, just like me!  Kylie Ofiu has had great success as a personal finance blogger and has even authored her own book: 365 ways to make money.   Even if you have come across Kylie before, you may not know her full story, but she is very candid in this interview and my respect for her has grow even further as a result.

Why do you blog and how long have you been doing it?

I started blogging as a way to keep track of my goal to become a millionaire by the time I am 30 (2015) and to share ways to make and save money. I set my goal and started blogging just on 2 years ago. Since then it has grown so much and I blog because I love it. I like to find new ways to make and save money and help other people do it too.

Do you believe in budgets?

I do, but I believe everyone works differently, so one set way of budgeting is not going to work for everyone. I also think budgets need to be realistic and the most important thing is that the person who sets it sticks to it, or it is useless.

Who is your hero?

This is hard. It would be a tie between my parents and husband. My parents taught me about frugality and making money, budgeting and everything in between. My mum taught me how to cook, sew and all those homemaking skills including whipping up a meal out of seemingly nothing. She was an excellent example of going out of her way to help others, generous and I want to be like her.

My dad taught me all about money and he along with my step mum (whom I also call mum) are great examples of sacrifice, persisting when things go against you, are supportive and boy have taught me so much.

Then my husband is the most patient, hard working, loving man I know. He is very laid back, relaxed, and his family comes first. I want to be more like that.

What are some of your favorite wealth resources?

The first finance book I read was The Richest Man In Babylon and it started my passion for finances. I also love The One Minute Millionaire as it opened my eyes a lot. Then of course there is my book 365 Ways To Make Money, lol.

As for blogs, the blogs in the Yakezie challenge and attendees of the Financial Blogger Conference are all great. I’m not sure I really have a favourite.

What is the worst financial mistake you have ever made?

Buying my current house. I wanted to buy in another suburb, but my husband wanted here. If we purchased where I wanted, it would have increased about $80,000+ more than our current house has, it would have meant less moving and other things, but it has been an excellent learning experience.

What is the best lifestyle decision you have ever made?

To quit working in a hair salon and do my own thing. I set out to find ways to make money from home and have never looked back. Focusing on being at home, and spending more time together as a family instead of working has been the best decision.

What is the best piece of advice ever given to you?

You can do anything you believe you can. Set your mind to it and go for it. The belief in yourself is half the battle. If you truly believe in something and know you can achieve it, that is often the difference between success and failure.

Something that people that currently read your blog may not know about you?

I have borderline personality disorder. I did come out with this on my blog recently and many people were shocked. I still have long time readers stumbling across the post I wrote and emailing me in shock, since I have met many of them in real life now too.

An article written by someone else that you think everyone should read?

The secret to happiness from Paula at Afford Anything http://afford-anything.com/2011/09/26/the-secret-to-happiness/ Life is not just about money!

An article written by you that you would like everyone to read?

It’s not exactly a finance post, but it has been my most read post, has helped a lot of people and I hope it will open up conversations and inspire others. It is about me, my battle and a little about success despite it http://kylieofiu.com/2011/10/mental-health-month-borderline-personality-disorder/

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16 Responses to “Wealth Creation Online: Inteview with Kylie Ofiu”

  1. AverageJoe

    19. Nov, 2011

    Another great interview! I love her book choices AND blog post recommendations. Paula’s post was also inspiring to me. Thanks for the interview!

  2. The Jenny Pincher

    19. Nov, 2011

    Great interview! I met Kylie at the Financial Bloggers Conference and listened to her speech. It’s very inspiring she has the goal to be a millionaire by 30! Thanks for sharing.

  3. YFS

    19. Nov, 2011

    Holy crap a millionaire by 30! I’m impressed. I’m curious how close are you to your goal? I also would like to say. I’m really liking these interviews.

  4. krantcents

    19. Nov, 2011

    Great interview. I am always interested in learning more about successful people.

  5. Kylie Ofiu

    19. Nov, 2011

    Thanks for interviewing me.

    I’m glad you all like it. 🙂

    @YFS I am about 15% of the way, but many of the things I have laid ground work for since I started my goal are now coming to fruition so I expect this to increase more in 2012. I have 3.5yrs left to go to become a millionaire, so I believe it is completely possible.

  6. [email protected]

    19. Nov, 2011

    Great interview! And Kylie, wish you all the best – you are almost there, it seems.

  7. Money Cactus

    19. Nov, 2011

    Great that everyone is enjoying this interview series, Kylie is definitely someone worth knowing more about!

    Thanks again Kylie and thanks everyone for your comments.

  8. Invest It Wisely

    20. Nov, 2011

    A great interview, and aiming for a millionaire by 30 is quite impressive!

    I left a comment on your opening post about the personality disorder, but I cannot get past your spam filter and the contact form doesn’t seem to work. 🙁

  9. Awww thank you Kylie! 🙂

  10. Lisa @ Thriftability

    21. Nov, 2011

    Thanks for the interview – I recently became acquainted with Kylie and find her to be a great motivator – both in my personal finance endeavors and in building my own blogging empire!

  11. Mom's Plans

    21. Nov, 2011

    Thanks for another good interview. It is nice to hear from the bloggers themselves and get a behind the scenes view of their blogs.

  12. Marissa

    22. Nov, 2011

    Thats a great interview. It’s interesting to see different perspectives in the blogging world.

  13. Lisa @ Cents To Save

    22. Nov, 2011

    I am really enjoying these interviews! It is very interesting to find out about the person behind the blog. I love Kylie’s ambition!

  14. Financial Samurai

    26. Nov, 2011

    I hope you don’t blame the hubbie too much for the housing choice! I’m sure he meant for the best!

  15. youngandthrifty

    28. Nov, 2011

    What a great interview! Thank you for sharing your talk with Kylie.

    Kylie I hope you become a millionaire by 30 too!

  16. Kylie Ofiu

    13. Dec, 2011

    Thanks everyone. I’m glad you all liked it.

    @invest it wisely sorry you had issues with my spam filter
    @Paula your welcome
    @Lisa it has been nice dealing with you too
    @Financial Samurai lol I don’t hold it against him. As it turns out right now our current location has provided many opportunities recently we would nit have had if we were living where I wanted.
    @young and thrifty thank you