Twitter Stalking Tips for The Wealth Creator

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Twitter stalkingI think that just about everyone I know has a Facebook account. Sure that Social Network movie might have kicked it up a notch, but most people were already ‘liking’ everything in front of them a long time before that. I guess it makes sense really, people enjoy sharing, keeping in touch and (let’s face it) showing off to one another. Cute kid? *Like*, cute animal? *Like*, Cute girl? friend request and *Really Like*!

The thing about Facebook though is that it tends to focus more on your immediate friends, their friends and the odd fan page or two. This means that your friend circle might get a little bigger over time and stalking that friend of a friend is a little easier, but really you are just getting more of the same stuff. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your stalking to the next level and follow some really interesting people?

Enter Twitter

Twitter is not a new phenomenon, but it is gathering momentum. Currently Twitter is the Internet Marketers weapon of choice, but it is also becoming increasing more mainstream and well loved by a huge number of celebrities and Joe average’s alike. If you haven’t tried Twitter, then you seriously don’t know what you are missing – all the cool kids are doing it! It is really easy and best of all, stalking is encouraged!

There are a stack of things that make Twitter different to Facebook, but the number 1 reason for me is that it puts you in front of a whole new crowd. Twitter is the ultimate stalking tool, you don’t have to friend request someone to see what they are saying, you can just straight out follow them. This form of stalking is completely normal for the people using Twitter, in fact they love it and use it to their advantage. Gone are the days of the PR press release, instead you just tweet it.

tiger woods twitter

The Art of Twitter Stalking

I know people that use twitter as a stalk only tool. They sign up for an account, seek out and follow their favourite celebs and all the while never tweet a word themselves. Did you know that 33% of users have never tweeted and 80% have less than 10 tweets? The people they stalk love them anyway and it can still be pretty educational stalking quietly, depending on who you decide to devote your time to. Sure @ParisHilton isn’t for everyone, but the girl is actually very good at marketing herself… but then perhaps I’m bias? A better example might be @realDonaldTrump but I guess it depends on your taste. If you want to take it up a notch and start interacting rather than just following from afar, then I have the following suggestions for you:

  • Add a profile image. If you are a girl, congratualtions, you have just guaranteed yourself some followers. If you are a boy, don’t use a picture of a girl just to get some stalker love – find another way to be interesting.
  • Add a bio. If you can’t tell me a little about yourself, I’m not going to interact with you. Be cool, be witty, be honest!
  • Add a non-default background. Not necessary, but it is nice to see something different when you visit a profile page. The @moneycactus background isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s different and appropriate.

OK, now here is the cool part…. when someone you follow says something and you have something intelligent and worthwhile to say back, go for it! It can be a little daunting, but Twitter is full of people talking into cyberspace. If you miss, then don’t feel bad, with over 600 tweets occurring every second on Twitter, not every tweet is going to be a winner. I know what you are saying; “but @justinbieber is never going to notice me”. Well I’ve got two things to say to you; 1) I hope you are a 13 year old girl and 2) you might just be surprised.  Some celebs love interacting on twiter and many will ask their followers for ideas and tips, it’s ultra handy for them and it makes their fans feel even more special!

shane warne twitterSome celebs like cricket legend Warnie are very social (perhaps sometimes to their detriment) and it’s nice to see them interacting with their followers.  If you are after big game like Justin, Paris and Donald however, there is a very good chance you are going to be ignored, but very occasionally you may just say something so profound that you get a reply – just watch what that does to your inner stalker! Sounds like a fun challenge doesn’t it?

Wealth Stalking

I know that you have been thinking about all the other people you might like to stalk on Twitter and there is a good chance they are already there waiting for you. But before you go off after all the big Hollywood types, check out this list of awesome bloggers I highly recommend you follow:

1. @tferriss is really no contest for me. I love the way he thinks, what he does and the level of hype he has been able to create around his products. If you like the whole lifestyle design concept, then this is one guy worth stalking.

2. @ramit is one heavy dude. He gets you thinking about all kinds of deep things, but most importantly he encourages you to think about getting rich. Stalk this guy and you will immediately feel smarter!

3. @chrisguillebeau is all about the travel, the guy never stops. Chris is a big player in the lifestyle design niche and always has something inspiring to say that will quite likely give you itchy feet.

4. @ManVsDebt is doing what most people dream about, dumping the crap and living simple on the open road. He manages to do this with a young family and continues making money from his blog at the same time – jealous!

5. @CorbettBarr Doesn’t have as many stalkers as some of these other guys, but I really love what he does. If you want to take your business online, then Corbett is a great person to know.

6. @PatFlynn gives away awesome amounts of free information on his Smart Passive Income blog and is always trying to take it up a notch. Pat is a must follow and a must read if you are online.

7. @richardbranson is my Paris Hilton! The man is flat out amazing and I would follow him pretty much anywhere!

8. @problogger is the godfather of blogging. If you are even slightly interested in developing a presence online, then add Darren to your stalking list.

9. @scottpape is Australia’s Barefoot Investor. I really like his creative approach to personal finance and the way he goes about convincing others to use their money more wisely. If you want some handy money tips, then Scott is your man.

10. @BlogTyrant is an Internet marketing genius! The man has literally exploded onto the blogging scene and I’m expecting big things this year. The Tyrant is great value and as he lives in my home town, it makes my stalking experience just that bit more creepy special!

So there you go, 10 great people to balance our your celebrity fetish and add some great wealth related content to your Twitter timeline. If you know some other great people (preferably wealth related) that are worth stalking, share them with everyone else in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “Twitter Stalking Tips for The Wealth Creator”

  1. Karen

    18. Feb, 2011

    Totally agree. Twitter is the new world news/gossip mag/text message/inspirational calendar. I love it. Thanks Shaun. Am now stalking Richard and Tim!

    • Shaun

      18. Feb, 2011

      Hi Karen,

      I’m glad to see you found it useful!

      • Jessica07

        22. Feb, 2011

        Does Richard know he’s your Paris Hilton? That was incredibly funny!

        By the way, I love the little blurb you put in about being a girl automatically gets you followers. Too cute.

        • Shaun

          22. Feb, 2011

          Thanks Jessica,

          A decent image can really make you stand out, really it just comes down to being inventive and noticable… it that doesn’t work, then write a good Bio instead!

          Unfortunately I don’t think that Richard has noticed me, but you never know, twitter is great for being noticed by people that otherwise wouldn’t even know that you existed.