The 10 Most Prestigious Credit Cards In The World

Prestigious credit cards

This is a guest post by Andy at Credit Card Help

When it comes to credit cards, everyone wants a great one. There are many factors that people look for in to a great card. The average consumer wants a card with a good credit line, great interest rate, and great features. But some wealthier consumers might be interested in truly prestigious credit cards. These are cards that are geared toward wealthy consumers with impeccable credit. Here is a look at the ten most prestigious credit cards in the world.

American Express Centurion

This is arguably the most desired credit card in the world. It was issued by American Express in 1999, starting by invitation only. The card boasts a black colour that looks very sleek. It is also made from titanium, which makes it heavier than any ordinary credit card. There isn’t really an application process for the American Express Centurion card. It is only available for current American Express cardholders who spend a certain amount of money. The American Express Centurion card has an annual fee of $2,500. You must also charge $250,000 a year. That is an amount that would scare most consumers. The card offers several benefits, most notably travel perks.

Sotheby’s World Elite MasterCard

This card is designed for people who frequent the famous auctions sponsored by Sotheby’s. It comes with an annual fee of $395, which is modest compared to some other elite cards. However, you must earn $250,000 a year to qualify. You must also have at least two million in investible assets. Clearly, this is a card made for wealthier consumers. The card offers a number of perks. These include access to airport lounges and free concierge service.

Royal Bank of Scotland Coutts World Card

This is a prestigious credit card with exclusive membership. Only Coutts clients with at least one million dollars in the bank can get this card. The card requires spending of at least one hundred thousand dollars in order to avoid paying the seven hundred dollar annual fee. The card has several perks, including concierge service and access to special awards.

Visa Black Card

This card is available to only 1% of the United States population. That is what makes it so prestigious. It was made to compete with the American Express card mentioned above. The annual fee is $495, which is modest for such a prestigious card. It is made from carbon graphite to give it a distinct feel. There are no spending limits.

Dubai First Royale MasterCard

This card is made from gold and diamonds. That should be enough to make it prestigious. It is issued by First Dubai Bank. The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world due to oil income. This card is geared toward the richest members of that bank. You can get up to 4% cash back, a personal account manager, and numerous travel perks. The card has no spending limit as well.

American Express Platinum Card

This card is the next step below the Centurion card for American Express. It has a modest annual fee of $450. It offers similar perks to other elite cards, including no spending limit. It is also a stepping stone to the Centurion card.

Bank of America Accolades Card

This card was introduced with an interest rate of 12.2%. It is reserved for the top clients of Bank of America. The card has an annual fee of $295 and a credit limit of $500,000. The card offers many travel rewards. There are also unique prizes available, including golf trips with celebrities.

Citi Chairman American Express Card

This card is only available for the wealthiest SmithBarney and Citi Private Bank clients. The annual fee for the card is $500. There are many great perks, including companion airline tickets and 24 hour concierge service.

Visa Stratus Card

This card is white in design, but is just as prestigious as some other black cards. The card is only available by invitation. It has a lofty annual fee of $1500 but offers many great rewards. You get travel insurance as well as discounts on luxury goods and private jets.

Citibank Ultima

This card is mainly available in wealthy economies in the Middle East and Asia. The annual fee is $1,200 and the card has no spending limits. It offers many of the same travel and concierge services that other elite cards offer. It also can get you access to several private islands.

Andy is co-founder at, an independent credit card comparison service based in Australia where users can quickly review a range of the country’s best rewards credit cards. Andy is passionate about helping users save money by finding the best deals on the market. Outside of work, he has a busy family life and enjoys travelling.

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  1. I doubt I will ever actually own one of these cards. To me, the annual fee really outweighs the benefits. I would not get my money worth!

  2. Ha! completely agree with you, but sometimes it’s just fun to see how outrageous things can be when you have too much money to know better 🙂

  3. Interesting card list. I’ve always wanted to see one of these famous “black” cards… maybe they’ll come out with one for teachers someday (being that we’re noted for being such big spenders and all).