Sometimes its Not What You Know

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One of the reasons it has been a little quiet around here lately is because I have recently changed jobs.  My last job was slowing down a bit and I have to admit that I had probably grown a little lazy, I was comfortable in my role and knew it inside out.  What that basically meant was that I had all but ceased forward momentum as far as personal development was concerned.  On the plus side I was able to learn more about blogging, but I wasn’t really doing anything that was increasing my overall wealth.

A Kick in the Pants

I suppose I really have my former employer to thank for getting me moving again, But then I guess being told that the current business climate meant that 4 day weeks were imminent will generally do that to most people.  After spending some time feeling sorry for myself and worrying about what a 4 day week would do to our family finances, I decided to suck it up and begin my hunt for new employment.

Unsurprisingly, my initial efforts ended in failure.  My poorly assembled job applications got me nowhere and I began to feel further worry.  I persevered and with each application there was improvement, but several weeks later I was still no closer to a new job.  People told me that it was just a matter of time and that the right job would come along… I didn’t believe a word of it at the time, positive thought? what a load of sh*t!  Strangely enough though I must have listened in some way, because it was after hearing this advice that I decided to take a new approach, one that produced results almost instantly.

Often its Who You Know

They say things happen in threes and this was no different.  My wife came home telling me that her workplace was talking to someone about introducing aspects of social media to the business.  Obviously I was intrigued and told her that I’d be more than happy to help out if I could.  I had been entertaining the possibility of a side project in social media if I couldn’t find work immediately and a spare day a week could be a way to get things happening.  If I helped out my wife’s workplace as a trial, they might be able to provide a testimonial in return.  This would give me a chance to test the water and potentially help boost the social proof of my service if I decided to run with it.

Around the same time I was arranging to meet and discuss possibilities with my wife’s workplace, I also heard from someone that I used to work with.  She was very busy consulting for herself and was also aware of my situation after an email exchange we had not long before.  She saw the potential of my one spare day a week as an opportunity and wanted to meet and talk about her increasing work demands.  All of a sudden I had two meetings on the same day regarding the possibility of work to fill the looming gap in my employment.  The only thing I had done was make contact with people I knew, made them aware of my situation and the possibility that I may be of some assistance to them.

Landing a Full Time Job

To be honest with you I was pretty excited about the potential opportunities that had presented themselves.  There were no guarantees, but I had the chance to fulfill my financial need and possibly develop something that I could grow into over time.  My third and biggest event came only a few days after my initial meetings when I was contacted about a job I had applied for a few weeks prior.  The role involved working with someone that I had done some work for in the past.  So instead of just submitting an application and waiting to see what happened I looked them up on LinkedIn and wrote a short email telling them that I was applying for the job and reminded them who I was and what I had done for them previously.  Lucky for me that seemed to do the trick and I quickly found myself in an interview, then another and soon afterwards with an offer for full time work.

Looking back on the process it is easy to think that fate had a lot to do with the chain of events that led me to where I ended up and I do believe in it to a certain extent.  Certainly some of it couldn’t have happened without the right timing, but a lot of it also had to do with me believing in my own ability and looking at things from the right perspective.  For the time being I’m focused on doing the best I can to master my new role and to be honest, I’m enjoying it a lot.  With a bit of time there might be an opportunity for me to revisit the potential of a side project, but for the time being I’m pretty happy learning new skills and increasing my personal wealth one step at a time.

Do you have a similar story?  Feel free to share your experience in the comments below to encourage others that need some inspiration.

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