How to Make Money by Being Different

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Make money by being differentI’m not going to lie to you, there is a good chance that you aren’t going to find what you are looking for here.  I’d even go as far as preempting the fact that you will likely click away before you reach the end of the post… that’s cool, I don’t mind, it’s probably for the best anyway.  Most people that read articles about making money want an answer, a special formula to show them how to do it.  If that is what you want, then you won’t find it here.

I think that it is fair to say that everyone is interested in making money one way or another, it’s only natural and you can’t blame the people that want to do it easily.  Unfortunately I can’t give you an easy way, or even a specific way.  I could probably tell you more about what I do, but what works for me might not work for you.  What I would like to do is find out how you would like to make money and if you are willing to be different from most other people.  You see, what sets people that make money apart from those that do not is their approach and attitude.  People that really make money are like those freaks that chase tornadoes, when everyone is running one way, they go the other.  Ultimately this is what sets people apart when it comes to being successful.  It’s so easy to follow the crowd, blend in and join others when they tell you why you can’t do something.  Quitting is easy, not even trying is even easier!

Going the Other Way

Even really clever people have trouble with this, not because they lack the creativity, but because of fear.  It’s tough to do the opposite to everyone else, particularly as many of them will like to tell you that what you are doing is wrong and that you are going to fail.  I see examples of this all the time; ‘The housing boom is over’, ‘The stock market has crashed’, ‘The global financial crisis is ruining small business’.  The media especially loves negativity, it helps sell newspapers and gets people to watch the news.  Then these people paint bleak pictures for everyone else, parroting what they have heard without really examining it for themselves.  Yes, a country-wide housing boom may be over, but all areas do not grow at the same pace.  There will be pockets that continue to boom afterward if you ignore the negativity and look for yourself.  The stock market may have crashed, but there are always exceptions, what happens to gold when volatility hits?  Small business (any business) does hurt during a financial crisis, but need creates opportunity and there is always a need for something.

Doing the opposite to what everyone else is doing is hard.  Financial decisions are tough enough to make without having someone telling you why you shouldn’t have done what you did.  Get used to this, there are a lot more people in the world that will tell you that you can’t do something than those that will tell you that you can.  The best you can do is to surround yourself with positive people that share your beliefs and those that can advise you of your options.  The rest is really up to you.

Ways to Make Money

You might like to disagree, but I feel that there are essentially 3 ways to make money.  Depending on your approach and attitude, you will fall into one of these categories.  The good news is that there are no boundaries and there is a great deal of grey area between each, the bad news is that moving from one to another will require a pretty substantial re-evaluation of yourself.  Are you prepared to do that?

1. Same Stuff, Same Way

Making money doesn’t have to be terribly creative, there are some easy ways for you to do this, but some are better than others.  Making money this way is often limiting, as you are generally required to follow a fairly structured set of guidelines.  It is not the fastest way and possibly not even the easiest way, but a lot of people do it.  It’s called work.  Most people that make money this way are employees that work for someone else and if this is the only way they can access money, then they aren’t really making it at all.  Some will find investment options that make them a little money, like saving and paying off their mortgage.  Unfortunately, most will also tell you that you will fail if you try something else.

2. Different Stuff, Different Way

This is where the entrepreneurs play.  People far more clever than I am come up with smart and original ideas all the time.  There are endless ways to make money like this, but it is often better suited to certain people and it can require some serious capital.  The general goal here is to create a need and then fill it, although sometimes it is possible to identify an existing need that needs to be met.  This type of money making can be risky, but the rewards can also be big.  Strangely enough, the people that benefit from these ideas are often the same ones that said it wouldn’t work in the first place.

3. Same Stuff, Different Way

This is where most people that think past simply working for someone else will find themselves.  This method of making money still doesn’t have to be too creative, but it will require a little thought.  The ways in which you can make money vary greatly but the fundamental goal is to meet a need.  The part that requires some thought is how you approach this.  People that do this successfully will look for an opportunity, utilise existing examples and leverage the resources they have available to them.  Depending on what they choose to do, these people often have the people that said they couldn’t do it working for them.

How Do You Make Money?

I told you that I couldn’t tell you how to make money, but perhaps now you can tell me how you would like to?  Give it some thought and share with me which one of the money makers you are and why.  There are no right answers, but I hope it helps you think about the direction you want to head in.

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3 Responses to “How to Make Money by Being Different”

  1. Jessica07

    14. Dec, 2010

    I think the idea of doing the same stuff in a different way is great way to boost income. If you focus on the same stuff, you have a better chance of hitting the right market-desires, but if you do it in a different way, then you stand out. You know there’s a demand, but you offer a unique supply. 🙂

    • Shaun

      14. Dec, 2010

      Hey Jessica,

      That is definitely my favourite way too! The demand is already there and being different gets you noticed. There are so many ways to apply this, you just have to find something you want to do and keep doing it.

  2. Shaun

    14. Dec, 2010

    No reason why that can’t work, as long as it is what your audience is looking for. I hope it goes well for you!