How to Handle a Potential Compensation Claim

Posted on 23. May, 2012 by in Wealth Essentials

Compensation claim

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When you’re at work, you should expect to be in a safe, secure environment free from risks.   If there are risks present, then you should be protected from them in some way. However, if you do find yourself injured through the use of faulty equipment, tripping over something that’s been left on the floor or picking up an industrial illness, it can be hard to think about anything other than getting better and getting back to work.  While this is a good attitude, you can also do something about the situation in which you’ve been placed by your employer’s negligence with the help of people like First4Lawyers.

If you’ve been injured because of your boss’s poor attitude towards the health and safety of you and your colleagues, it can be all too tempting to do nothing about it. You may fear that taking legal action against them would amount to nothing and as a result, you will end up even more out of pocket than before.  This doesn’t have to be the case, as making a claim for compensation is much less difficult than you might think.

These days it is possible to hire a solicitor or lawyer that works on a no-win, no-fee basis.  You don’t have to pay anything in legal fees if your claim for compensation isn’t successful. This means that by making a claim, you have nothing to lose. With the correct evidence of your injuries, any financial losses incurred and any negligence on the part of your employer, along with the help of a no-win no-fee lawyer or solicitor, you have a great chance of winning the compensation that you deserve.

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4 Responses to “How to Handle a Potential Compensation Claim”

  1. My husband had to file a worker’s comp claim for an on-the-job incident about two and a half years ago. Fortunately his employer (the government) was straight-forward about it all and there were no speed bumps along the way.

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  2. Simple Finance Blog

    05. Jun, 2012

    A good friend of mine just graduated from law school and is joining a firm that specializes in this kind of law. It’s good to know somebody “on the inside”!

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  3. Dannielle @ Odd Cents

    11. Jun, 2012

    Any honest employer would own up and accept responsibility. I’ve seen situations where employers try to blame others for accidents that occurred on their property. It sucks that people choose to be dishonest.

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  4. Mary @ Buy Sell Funds

    16. Jul, 2012

    The scope for compensation claim is quite wide, it covers not only those accidents that happen in the work premises but also those that occurred by reason of work. Certain health issues may also be job related.

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