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  1. Jon @ PayMyStudentLoans.com

    I have always loved that Einstein quote but I can’t believe I had never heard the last part of it “he who knows it earns it…he who doesn’t pays it”

    Not sure I agree with giving an adult child a 350k kickstart but understand it was just an example 😉

    • Money Cactus

      Hey Jon,

      I think it is a really good quote too. Some might like the idea of giving their kids such a big leg up, particularly as the hope of owning your own home is becoming increasingly more unattainable for young people (particularly in Australia), but it could also be one hell of a holiday / mini retirement or just about anything else you want really.

  2. Elizabeth @ Broke Professionals

    LOL, you just took me back to my high school math classes. I remember the “e” being part of the mathematical formula, but that’s about it!

  3. Jane

    Interesting! I never thought of it that way, but yeah I agree it could become a good investment. Thanks for sharing this!

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