How 3D Printing Can Take Your Business to New Heights

Posted on 29. Jun, 2016 by in Business Wealth

3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing by which a digital file is translated into a

physical object. To be more specific, it is the process of making solid 3 dimensional objects

from a simple digital file. This is done by layering materials until a product of related

dimensions and size is achieved.


Different 3D printers are used for different purpose. The process has become quite popular in

recent times because people can now easily turn their ideas into prototypes without having

access to large manufacturing facilities. In fact, 3D printing reduces the time between a great

concept and reality. You can print your ideas the same day they are conceived.


This gives an advantage as you will reach the market sooner and start selling earlier. For

established companies, this offers a head start and helps to stay ahead of the game from



This modern printing technology is loved and enjoyed by individuals and companies for various

reasons, some of which have been discussed below.


Saves Money

This method of creation will save you a lot of money. It does not require any heavy machinery,

molding tools or other expensive production facilities. Even though the rate of this additive

manufacturing technique is lower compared to traditional methods, it is a great way to make



Offers Opportunity to Get Feedback

Before taking the big business decisions, you can demonstrate the product to groups like target

audience, business partners, financers, etc. and request them to provide feedback. It’s a great

method to assess demand before starting production with full force.

Presents Immense Designing Possibilities

With this new option, your imaginations will take shape. You can design objects that cannot be

made with other printing methods. Digital art gets new meaning with 3D printing. Now, you can

build items that seem impossible. Even geometry ideas can be made into reality and 3-

dimensional figures now.


Saves Money

Compared to regular prototype printing methods, this type of printing is not too expensive. The

materials that are used for production are affordable and the process is quite simple. Actual

manufacturing cost of hundreds of dollars is saved as prototypes can be printed within little

expense of a few dollars using 3D printers.


Mitigates Risk

Before making large investment on mass production, 3D printing the design help to assess the

product and lower risk. You can make the large investment now without any worry as you can

easily alter and redesign the mold. Errors in finished product is minimalized. It basically makes

business idea presentation better as audience will no longer have to imagine the upcoming

product. The exact representation of desired product is provided.

In fact, as production cost is low, cost of mistakes is low as well. You can try printing different

variations of a product and then design the one which is best.


Offers Flexibility

When it comes to manufacturing, flexibility is very important. You can use 3D printers to do

several iterations of your product. As already mentioned, you can test different ideas without

putting too much financial stress on the company’s account.

Even with all of these benefits, the final product will be of great quality. It will be professional

and durable. You can use ABS and PLA materials to obtain real parts like snap fits, hinges,

clearance fits and dove tails which can be tested and fitted.

There is no doubt that this amazing technique of additive manufacturing has completely

revolutionized design and manufacturing process. These are all great advantages and may be it

is time you think about using it.

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