Honeymoon Road Trips

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Your honeymoon should be an adventure that you and your significant other remember for the rest of your lives. And while some couples opt for the popular tropical island getaway, a road trip through beautiful landscapes to a destination full of culture and character may be more your speed. Not only are domestic road trips often more financially friendly, but also you can choose a destination that appeals to your interests. Here are a few honeymoon road trip suggestions, plus a few tips to help make your adventure a success.

State Route 1 to California’s wine country – California’s State Route 1 is considered by many travelers to be one of the most beautiful drives in the country. Winding along the West Coast for more than 600 miles, State Route 1 passes by world class vineyards and bed & breakfasts. Check out Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s guide to Route for suggestions on where to stop.

U.S. Route 1 to the Florida Keys – Not to be confused with State Route 1, U.S. Route 1 traces the East Coast from all the way from northern Maine to Key West. A great way to see the Keys is to find a cheap airline ticket into Miami, rent a car, and then drive a couple hours south, stopping at whichever Keys catch your eye. You’ll find beaches, parks, snorkeling trips, boat rentals, camping and luxury resorts. Key West is an experience in itself; the small island city is steeped in culture, including Earnest Hemmingway’s former residence and an amusing history of the Conch Republic.

New England – If you’re planning a fall wedding, there’s no better place to take a drive than New England. The specific route you take isn’t important since so much of the region is beautiful in autumn. One suggestion to keep in mind is to stay off the interstates; the landscapes are much more interesting off the beaten path. Spend a few days exploring the old colonial towns, mountain ranges and National Forests, and stay in a few of the quaint bed & breakfasts along the way.

Road trip tips – Wherever you decide to go, keep these road trip tips in mind. They could save you time, money and frustration.

  • Make a budget and stick to it – You may be tempted to splurge during your honeymoon, and that’s perfectly normal. Try to anticipate those extra expenses, and include them in your honeymoon budget.
  • Save money by cutting costs – If you’re planning a honeymoon on a tight budget, consider a few ways to save money like cutting out cable TV, reducing the number of times you go out to eat, and applying for an auto loan refinance, which could reduce your monthly car loan payments.
  • Use price comparison tools – When booking plane tickets, hotels or rental cars, use online price comparison tools such as Priceline.com or Kayak.com to find the best deals.

With a little bit of planning and saving, you can make your honeymoon an experience you’ll always remember. Even if you’re on a tight budget, these honeymoon road trip destinations are the perfect way to treat yourself while getting away for a while.

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  1. My parents took a honeymoon road trip back in the 70s when they got married, even though my mom worked for an airline and they could have flown for free. They just wanted that relaxing time in the car!

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    • Money Cactus

      16. Jan, 2013

      I think that everyone should do a road trip at some point in their life. It might take longer to get there, but that is part of the adventure. If you do it with someone you love, then you have a memory to share for life 🙂

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