Fun Thanksgiving Statistics

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As an Australian I’ve never really been very aware of Thanksgiving, although I have become a lot more aware of this celebration after blogging over the last few years.  We really don’t have anything that quite stacks up over here, aside from Christmas itself.

We do celebrate Australia day, but that generally involves burning meat on a BBQ and drinking beer in the sun (not a bad way to mark an occasion mind you). I think that one of the cool parts about Thanksgiving is that I can still take part in the Black Friday sales, although it can be a little dangerous too. If you plan on doing some shopping of your own, I hope you have set a budget and stick to it!

Anyway, I haven’t posted an info graph here before, but I’ve found a fun one about Thanksgiving which I hope you will like too.  I’d love to hear how you are planning to spend the holiday and if you have anything you particularly want to buy during the sales, let me know in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving stats
Provided by Nationwide Bank

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  1. This was fabulous – thanks for sharing! I have a 13.34-pound turkey in my deep freeze right now; good to know it’s very “average”!

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