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Money Cactus helps you negotiate the prickly parts of work and life by providing ideas, resources and inspiration to pursue your financial dreams.

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This site is about wealth creation.  It’s not about frugality or other forms of penny pinching, it’s about finding ways to make more money, find more time and live your life.

Money Cactus is about leveraging your dreams, no matter how big or small they are.  Whether it is growing a business and being as big as you can be or eliminating debt and doing whatever the hell you want.  Here at Money Cactus, we just like to help people do what they love, no matter what that is and that is what wealth creation is all about.

Who the bloody hell are you?

Hi, ny name is Shaun and I love learning about clever ways to earn more money, improve my personal finance skills and do the things I love.  That’s why I focus personal wealth, instead of just personal finance.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into creating real wealth, but my goal is to develop useful and valuable information and resources right here to help make the process as user friendly as possible.

If the wealth creation approach here at Money Cactus appeals to you, why not get involved?

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