9 TED Talks That Anyone Working in Stockbroking Should Watch

Posted on 26. Jul, 2016 by in Creating Wealth

Are you a stockbroker who yearns for some motivation or wisdom in your field? Whether you’re a greenhorn broker or a seasoned one, novel viewpoints and experiences can always benefit you. TED Talks is one of the ways you can get some positive insights on your niche, through the words of other successful people.

We’ve collected a list of nine TED Talks that anyone working in stockbroking should watch.

  1. Kevin Slavin: “How Algorithms Shape Our World”

In this mind-boggling presentation of the way nature and algorithms intertwine, Kevin – co-founder of Area/Code – explains us the importance of milliseconds in the world of stockbroking, managed by algorithms. The stockbroking market has grown to be way out of our control and comprehension, and the only way to influence it is with mathematical algorithms. That’s the reason why MIT is involved in Wall Street, together with the 200 physicists that work there. The whole story is narrated using metaphors from the real world.

  1. Josh Luber: “Why Sneakers are a Great Investment”

“What do sneakers have to do with stockbroking?” you might ask. That’s exactly how the TED audience felt when Josh Luber, a sneakerhead, started explaining his marketing strategy and knowledge. He shed light on the intricate secondary sneakers market that is evaluated at 1.2 billion dollars, and growing. Nike as the sneakers tycoon holds 95% of this market, mostly with the Air Jordan shoes. Josh conducted data analysis of this market and proposed a revolutionary idea of a stock market for items.

  1. Tobias Preis: “Can Google Predict the Stock Market?”

Tobias Preise, a professor of Behavioral Science and Finance at Warwick Business School, turned to the biggest content giant – Google – for hints which can link the millions of searched keywords every day and the stock market. Data scientists are becoming extremely important with the rise of the “big data”, a ginormous collection of data which can be used as a key to finding patterns, and interactions that lead to successful stockbroking. Those who are interested in foreign exchange , and linked with CMC Markets can benefit from data science immensely. Tobias provides invaluable advice on data science and stockbroking.

  1. Daniel Goldstein: “The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self”

Goldstein, who has made a career by analyzing the financial behavior of Internet users, gives a talk on the age-old battle between the Superego and the Id. He presents us a reference to the Odysseus and his test with sirens, as a motivation to practice more self-discipline in order to save more money for a wealthy retirement. Sharing his life experiences involving commitment devices which propel you to do something even if your present self doesn’t like it.

  1. Dylan Evans: “What Can We Learn From Expert Gamblers?”

Dylan, the founder of Projection Point, has come in contact with countless professional gamblers ranging from Poker and Blackjack players to Sports Gamblers, through the research he conducted. In this video, he explains the risk intelligence philosophy he and his company focus on, which can prove to be indispensable in risky stock broking situations.

  1. Alessio Rastani: “The Psychology of Trading”

In this interactive presentation of the stock market evolution, Alessio – a trading expert in financial markets with a decade-long experience – explains the philosophy of buying and selling stocks. His controversial statement that he wishes for another depression put him into the media spotlight and was even called a psychopath by the Forbes magazine. Inspired by Warren Buffet and Rockefeller, he shares his trading experience with the TED audience.

  1. Brian S. Wesbury: “The Real Truth About the 2008 Financial Crisis”

Learning and studying the 2008 housing bubble burst crisis is paramount for every stock broker. Brian, a Chief Economist at First Trust Advisors, shares a novel perspective on what happened. He tries to debunk the widespread myth that is served to the public about the 2008 financial crisis. Although a bit controversial, every stockbroker should listen to this talk and reconsider their stances on the crisis.

  1. Mellody Hobson: “Financial Literacy”

In her inspirational speech and stories about poverty from her own life’s experience, Mellody – President of Ariel Investments – advises us to persevere through the hardships in life. She highlights the quality of being self-sufficient and disregards the story about women needing prominent male figures in their lives. As she and her team persisted in the financial crisis of 2008 and successfully recovered, as Michelangelo endured in the painting of the Sistine Chapel, so must other who are interested in stockbroking. She ends her energetic speech with Churchill’s quote on walking through hell.

  1. Shlomo Benartzi: “Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow”

This economist debunks the lies we often tell ourselves when we want to do something positive in the future. This procrastination is the main reason why 70% Americans don’t have their retirement matter settled. He explains the steps it takes us to quit procrastinating and start managing our time and capital correctly. He does this by studying behavioral sociology and providing answers for its problems.

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