How Much Does Your Afternoon Slump Cost You?

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It’s that dreaded moment before your last meeting of the day – your energy level is at zero and you desperately need to be top of your game for these last few hours of work. You don’t have time to go and grab a bagel from that nice bakery down the street or drive to that hip juicery that sells green “power juice”. What are your options? Vending machine on the second floor or the ones by the washrooms? Maybe the McDonalds next door?

 Ok, I’ll stop myself from preaching about the detrimental effect that the food offered in vending machines and fast food places have on your body. However, what sticks out more prominently to me is the price that you are paying for this junk. We all know that vending machines and fast food places are preying on moments like these; you are desperate and you need something, quick to get and to eat. You will settle for almost any price to satisfy your need for potato chips, a chocolate bar or a serving of fries, even though the markup for these products is often in the range of 300-400% of what you would get at the store. That doesn’t even account for the lack of nutritional value in these products.

 So how do we save these upwards of $40 a week? It’s easy- be your own vending machine. Supply your own snacks that are not only cheaper than what you would get them for from the local retailers, but better for your health and aren’t just empty calories and fat.


Dry Fruit

 We don’t mean Grandma’s Prunes (even though I think they are delicious!). You can find more and more alternatives to raisins and dates on the market now. From tart craisins to sweet dried mango slices to organic coconut chips that are roasted for extra flavor and contain no additional sweeteners, there’s a whole new world out there and it is full of dried fruit. They are portable, easy to keep in your desk, backpack, or purse, and give you that burst of energy that you need, and quickly! They are high in natural sugars so you won’t have to wait long to see the effects!



 Nuts are nature’s powerhouse. Full of healthy fats, fibre, and minerals, they are not only good for you, they taste amazing. Though almonds have been applauded for their nutritional value in the last few years, other nuts like cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts and peanuts (actually peanuts are legumes but that’s besides the point) all have great benefits for our bodies and our energy levels! Just be careful with these guys because they are quite calorific and can be expensive, so portion control is key here. To bring down the cost, consider buying nuts in bulk or big packages and then repackaging them into snack-size portions.


Dark Chocolate

 Sometimes only chocolate will do. If that is the case, have an emergency tablet of dark chocolate with you as an alternative to candy bars. Because of the high cocoa content, it will taste more “chocolatey” and less sweet, and this richness will help you control how much you eat. Cocoa also has been proven to be good for the heart, so a piece every now and again is not so bad. Even if you have to spend a little more to get high-quality chocolate, think of how many vending machine chocolate bars (and calories) it is replacing! The value is definitely there- especially in the taste.

 So when the clock strikes “afternoon slump”, stay where you are. You have a delicious, non-perishable snack at the ready, and there’s no need to spend your change on overpriced (and unhealthy) snacks!


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The Link Between Safe Practices and Increased Wealth

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When it comes to running your own company, the safety of your employees and your customers is ultimately going to be a major factor in your ability to generate—and maintain—your wealth. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just begun your startup or your company is a few years old and is starting to experience impressive growth. If you don’t pay attention to safety, your financial situation could become less than desirable.


Safety First

Let’s use the mining industry as an example. While you might be tempted to say that finding a valuable metal in a mine is the best way to snag a profit, nothing is more important in underground mining than miner safety.

Think about it for a minute. If a mine happens to stumble upon a vein of gold, it may seem like all their financial worries are over. But if a major accident happens the next day due to improper safety methods, the opportunity to benefit from that find is greatly diminished. Suddenly, the owners are left scrambling to pay for employee medical bills and to replace lost or damaged equipment. They may even be facing lawsuits. As nice as that discovery of gold might have been, it will no longer be generating profits—rather, it will simply be helping to make up for expensive losses.

Now, you probably don’t work in as high-risk an industry as mining, and you may be wondering how the principle of safety applies to your business. The reality is that regardless of what your company actually does, safety should always be an important concern. This can essentially be broken down into two main components:

  • the safety of your employees
  • the safety of your customers


Employee Safety

The first thing to consider is employee safety. As ridiculous as it may sound, there is always potential risk to your employees, even in a mild-mannered office environment. However, you can be proactive by taking steps to protect your employees and reduce your financial liability.

Quite simply, it pays to have a good workers’ compensation plan in place. Even that ping pong table in the break room could result in an injury to one of your employees, and you don’t want to find yourself subjected to a lawsuit simply because your company doesn’t have any type of workers’ compensation plan. This investment could very easily save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Of course, it’s even easier to avoid this problem if you actively make sure that your company’s workspace is safe for your employees. Be sure to remove any hazards from the office that could result in injury. If you work in an industry such as mining, where there will always be some type of safety hazard, spend money now on effective safety equipment so you don’t need to pay more later to clean up after an accident.


Customer Safety

In addition to keeping your employees safe, it also pays to think of customer safety. This applies more to companies that produce physical products. As much as you might want to rush your latest, greatest product out to the market, if you don’t take the time to make sure it is safe for your customers to use, you could find yourself in serious hot water. You don’t want to experience anything like the Takata airbag scandal. Invest in product safety testing now to avoid more expensive costs later.



While investing in the latest safety equipment, a workers’ compensation policy, or additional product safety testing may seem like it is preventing you from achieving even higher profits, the simple truth is that these are investments you can’t go without. By paying to be safe now, you can assure greater financial success in the future.

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Make Money in Music

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If you think you that being successful in the music industry requires having to memorize all the notes in the G-clef or having exceptional musical talent like singing ala Ariana Grande, you are definitely wrong. The music industry is broad and if you are creative enough, your love for music can be combined with your strengths.

Concert Promoter

If you have a strong business acumen, good interpersonal skills and loves music, being a concert promoter might be the job for you. Concert promoters manage everything that has to do with concerts, from marketing, to ticket sales and even security of the foreign or local performers.

Music Blogger

A music blogger is writer or commentator who writes about concerts, musical events, and albums on their websites. They usually paid by recording studios and concert promoters for reviews and advertisements they make. If you have passion for both writing and music, try building a career as a music blogger.

Talent Scout

Talent scouts for major music labels are responsible for finding talents and honing them to fit the label’s standards. You should also have an ear for music and knowledge for pop-culture trends. If you aspire to be one, think of Simon Cowell as an inspiration who have scouted talents for BMG and EMI music labels before building his own company. Not only that, he has become one the most respected judges in singing contests such as Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol.

Disc Jockey

There are several kinds of disc jockey or DJs. There are Radio DJs or radio personalities who introduce and play music on either AM, FM, digital or internet radio stations. Club DJs, on the other hand play and mix music in bars, clubs, or even in big rave stadiums. There are other DJs who use various techniques like turntablism and scratching. Thereby, allowing them to be classified as musicians, especially that electronic dance music has become extremely popular among millennials. Professional disc jockeys are becoming a lucrative career to date.

Sound Engineers

This is the career where science, technology and music meet. Sound engineers make sure the songs performers play sound great to the audience. Sound engineers work meticulously from the recording, manipulation, and reinforcement of sound. It is a highly technical job using various technologies and techniques to produce sound for film, television, radio, electronic gadgets and computer games.

BandPage Experiences

If you are band who needs additional income, BandPage is a good way to gain more listeners and avid fans. BandPage started as a Facebook application which allowed bands to post their music.  Now, BandPage has evolved into an experience haven for fans of musical artists. Musicians offer “experiences” like meet and greets, backstage access, pre-show ping pong challenges and even pre-show guitar and voice lessons. These fan experiences have brought-in additional income for bands on tour.

Music Arranger

An arranger specializes in changing the music from its original form. More often than not, they do simplifications such as decreasing note frequency, removing trills and making fixed-key instruments easier. They are also in charged with music re-conceptualization to harmonize the song and melody. Musical Arrangers decide on what instruments, styles, musical notations and tempos to use. They also select keys for the performance score especially during concerts. This job requires instrument, orchestration and musical style knowledge. He or she should also familiar with music theory especially including harmony and different arranging styles. Many professional film composers work closely musical arrangers in order to complete a film score in breeze.

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How To Find Best And Most Suitable Car insurance Quotes North Bay Online?

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Internet is always the best choice when you are going to search for the car insurance plan no matter whether it is for home or a vehicle. If you are going to select car insurance plan for you or for your family then the most important thing for you to never forget is selection of best and most suitable car insurance quote. The car insurance is not a short term investment. This is a long term investment and that is why it is necessary that you ensure to make the best quote selection for your requirement.

There are so many companies which can easily offer you great variety in the car insurance quotes which will clearly make it possible for you to find best car insurance quotes simply according to your car insurance budget but this will require you to spend some time in research. The task of finding best Car insurance Quotes North Bay will necessarily require research because this is the selection that should be done very carefully. You should be very careful while making this selection.

You should never forget that the car insurance plan selection will actually become the part of your future responsibilities which makes it necessary for you to choose best car insurance quotes with proper analysis. Of course, there could be various ways of making wise selection of car insurance quote but here I am sharing with you some ways which will actually help you to find most suitable and trust worthy car insurance quotes without the requirement of long time expenditure in research process.

Reputed company or source: When you are making the selection of Car insurance Quotes North Bay then you should never forget that you should never step outside of trustworthy company’s boundary. You should never give your preference to any random company just because of low car insurance quotes. If you are actually serious about your car insurance plan selection with best car insurance quote then you should only give your preference to the company which is reputed and trusted internationally or at least nationally. You should understand that it is important to see what other people have experienced when they took car insurance service from specific company before actually preference any company for your requirement.

Skilled and licensed broker: Finding Car insurance Quotes North Bay is not really very hard task because when you see any car insurance company then you would need to see the reputation and licensing documents of it. Or, you can simply make the selection of Car insurance broker with good experience, license and skills. Preferring broker will help you get rid of the research trouble completely

Best prices with best privilege: And of course, when you have found your best car insurance quote then you should also check exactly what makes it so suitable for you. You should see all the necessary factors that could be affected by the reduction of car insurance quote by the company. It is necessary for you to get the detailed information about pros and cons of the car insurance policy before making it your final selection.

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3 Tips to Help You and Your Spouse Avoid Fighting Over Money

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When you’re on the road to generating wealth, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll encounter conflicts of some kind—especially if your financial decisions affect another person (namely, your spouse). Regardless of whether these disputes are over major financial decisions or small purchases, you don’t want to let them get so out of hand that you need to hire a commercial litigation team that can handle a wide array of complex disputes to resolve them. Here are three tips to help you prevent conflicts over money before they even start:

Be Transparent and Honest

Honesty is the basis of any successful relationship, and this is especially true when it comes to your finances. Financial infidelity can create all kinds of problems in a relationship—including divorce—which is why it is vital that you be open and transparent about your finances. In fact, many experts recommend that you share financial information (such as debts and credit scores) before you even get married. This way, your current financial situation won’t come as a nasty surprise to your spouse after you tie the knot.

Financial transparency is even more important once you are married. Joint bank accounts and shared credit card information help ensure that both partners are on the same page and that nobody is hiding their financial transactions. Dishonest dealings with money can build resentment and distrust, ultimately eroding away at the foundations of the relationship.


Understand Your Partner

Each of us are unique, and this is especially true when it comes to how we deal with money. Each person has their own spending style that often reflects in their everyday decisions. You may wish to eat out once a week, while your spouse wants to save money by only eating out once a month. Much like other potential personality clashes, it is important that you take the time to understand your spouse’s preferences and have open communication regarding how you feel about the subject.

In many instances, your spouse’s money preferences are greatly influenced by their financial situation growing up. In addition to discussing your own feelings regarding finances, it may be a good idea to discuss the spending and saving habits you saw in your own family as a child.

Open, non-confrontational conversations on these topics can help both you and your spouse better understand each other and avoid future arguments regarding money.


Set a Budget

More often than not, arguments that occur because of money happen because of poor communication. For example, if you’re a saver and your spouse likes to go on monthly shopping trips, you’ll probably have a few arguments regarding your desire to save and your spouse’s need to make purchases she feels are necessary for your home.

However, setting a budget can often be an effective way of reaching a compromise regarding spending and saving habits. When setting a budget, be sure to leave room for saving a significant amount of your income while not making the budget so strict that it is impossible to stick to. A clearly defined budget that both you and your spouse agree upon will make it significantly easier to examine your financial situation without arguing.

Of course, setting a budget won’t do you much good if you don’t regularly review your financial situation. Make plans with your spouse to look over your budget at least once a month so you can analyze your finances and make any necessary adjustments.



While disagreements over money can be a major source of stress in a relationship, they don’t have to be as long as you are honest and transparent. As you and your spouse work together to better understand each other’s money preferences and establish a budget, you can avoid this common marital pitfall and achieve both financial and marital success.

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